Five things to look for in a CCTV camera system

Installing a video surveillance system is a great, and often necessary, way to ensure the safety of your business and employees. In Perth alone, there are countless CCTV options, so it is often difficult to decide what you need.

Here are the top five things to look out for.

1. Durability for outdoor and indoor surveillance situations

When deciding on the right equipment for your CCTV system consider environmental factors that may influence the camera’s performance. For instance, you may need a waterproof camera during rainy weather or a UV filter for Perth’s sunny weather.  Elements like dust can also disrupt the image but can easily be prevented with dust-proof housing.

2. Suitable coverage capabilities

How much of your commercial building needs to be covered? You may find your budget causes you to prioritise the areas you set up cameras, but with technology like a 360 degree dome or pan-tilt-zoom camera, the installation of a single camera has the potential to cover all the necessary ground. This is an ideal solution for many businesses, especially small business, as you won’t have to spend on multiple cameras, just for key entry points.

3. Good resolution quality

 If a crime is committed, a clear recording makes it easier for law enforcement to identify perpetrators. Tecsec’s IP security cameras have a minimum of 5.0 megapixels or 1080P, which is up to 25 times resolution of analogue CCTV cameras. For smaller areas where the camera is recording from a shorter distance, a lower resolution may be enough. We can tailor our recommendations to your budget and resolution requirements.

4. A reliable recording management system

An effective video surveillance system must be supported with a reliable video management system. CCTV cameras can record to a memory card, a dedicated digital video recorder (DVR) or network video recorder (NRV) system. A DVR or NVR system is generally recommended as a reliable alternative, as they have more memory storage capacity.

You may also need consider how and when you will access the recordings. Do you want to be notified of unusual motion detected during closing hours or be able to remotely access the camera from your phone? If the camera is connected by Wi-Fi you may want to ensure the safety of your video surveillance system from hacking through an encrypted connection.

5. If it meets specific functional needs

CCTV camera systems are installed for a variety of reasons, from deterring crime to monitoring a salesroom floor. Boxed cameras are often used as a visible deterrent of crimes, while hidden security cameras appear less intrusive. When installing a CCTV system, you should choose a camera that is recommended for the circumstances you are using it in. Consider if you need motion detection, facial recognition or night vision.


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