Digital Signage

Digital signage provides many benefits over print for businesses, including long term costs, print waiting times, flexibility and higher engagement. Tecsec can tailor your digital signage services to your workplace whether they be required for public display systems, digital menu boards, digital directories or other corporate digital signage.

Tecsec Digital Sign Network is an affordable and scalable subscription-based hosted service, providing the complete infrastructure to serve and support your digital signage network. It makes delivering remote content to one or many units a breeze, and frees you from the complexities of hosting and maintaining your own network.

The Tecsec Digital Sign Network provides you with the tools and interface to:

  • Perform network administrator functions.

  • Monitor the activity and status of displays.

  • Manage networked media players.

  • Assign user roles and permissions from a remote location.

  • Remotely and securely update content, firmware, and presentation schedules.

  • Divide players into groups for ease of management.

  • Generate events, playback, and diagnostic reports for each media player.

  • Create role-based user accounts that automatically configure the user interface based on the assigned permissions set by the manager.

  • Provides strong, reliable security using standard web technologies.

Digital Signage Content Management Using Laqorr.

Laqorr is an online content management system (CMS) that allows you to easily manage what appears on your digital signage at what times & where. The scheduling power of Laqorr means that you can set up and manage multiple screens securely from one online portal. 


Digital Signage Content Management Using Laqorr

Cloud Based - No servers or software to install, just connect your media player to the Internet, log into Laqorr and start managing your content

Built for Enterprise - Manage multiple screens all from the one portal. There is no limit to the number of players or locations you can control with Laqorr.

Easy-to-use - Laqorr's user-friendly interface makes it easy to upload and schedule content, create playlists, assign users and run reports. 

Secure - Laqorr uses SSL security over all browser communication and communication between media players and the server is authenticated & encrypted.

Role-based - Laqorr allows you to set various defined roles and user permissions. Each user has a unique log-in, password and user activity is logged and reportable

Compatible - We recommend running Laqorr on the Chrome platform, but it's also available for Windows, Android and is WPA2 Enterprise compatible.

Laqorr - easy content management for digital signage

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