Digital Signage

Digital signage provides many benefits over print for businesses, including long term costs, print waiting times, flexibility and higher engagement. Tecsec can tailor your digital signage services to your workplace whether they be required for public display systems, digital menu boards, digital directories or other corporate digital signage.

Tecsec Security use Fusion Signage as our preferred platform. It’s designed to simplify digital signage deployments. It is an easy-to-use platform built to replace USB sticks by offering a cost-effective, cloud-based solution.

The Fusion Digital Signage Network is cloud based and provides you with the tools to:

  • Monitor the activity and status of displays via a simple Dashboard

  • Remotely and securely update content, firmware, and presentation schedules.

  • Divide players into groups for ease of management.

  • Schedule separate playlists for various times of the day, or weekdays vs weekends

  • Integrate directly to Phillips panels which means no media player and easy setup

  • Update new content to Phillips panels by WIFI which means no cabling required

advantages of Fusion Signage


No need for extensive training programs, the Fusion Signage interface requires minimal to no thought and can be picked up intuitively. We found that in many cases digital signage would be implemented, then forgotten about or avoided because it was too confusing or too hard to update. FUSION overcomes these issues. A system that a local cafe with one or two screens, or a multi-national company with hundreds of screens, can use in a matter of minutes.


From our experience, due to the ongoing cost of other CMS systems on the market, a lot of clients resort to using USB sticks to update their content. Our vision is to keep the cost of Fusion Signage as low as possible to make it accessible to everyone.

  • A once off, 3-year cloud-based licence provides nationwide coverage to your screens, for not much more than the cost of constantly sending out USBs.


Fusion Signage was designed with a simple dashboard, giving you access to powerful features, without the clutter.

  • Grouping: Manage an endless number of screens at one time, by easily grouping them together.

  • Dayparting & Scheduling: Schedule separate playlists for various times of the day, or weekdays vs weekends.


Fusion Signage is easily accessible to you from any PC anywhere, anytime. The cloud-based storage allows 1GB of content uploads monthly per screen, which can be scaled upwards if required.


To reduce the amount of unwanted hardware, Fusion Signage is integrated directly into Philips™ panels which means no media player is required. Alternatively, Fusion Signage can be integrated into your existing Android™-based media player.

Check out how easy fusion signage is to use.

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