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Face recognition technology provides the premises owner with a pro-active approach by alerting security staff that a known offender, person identified as a risk by management, or an underage patron has re-entered the premises.

This system assists staff in preventing a potential incident before it occurs. The system achieves this by comparing the face of each person who enters the premises against a banned/ blocked list of images which have been added by the premises owner.

Once a match has occurred the system alerts staff by sending an alert to an app on their smartphone.


key features of deep learning facial recognition

Example of footage from our  most recent installation.

Example of footage from our most recent installation.

Facial Detection

The software analyses images and determines the presence of a human face. The system then captures its position, size, expression and shape. The recorded data can then be used to compare against other recorded human faces in the database.

False Alarm Filter

For many businesses false alarms are a common occurrence, with this technology it doesn’t need to be. A line / perimeter is established within the software and if this is breached, the software runs an analysis into what has caused this detection to occur.

People Counting

This functionality counts people entering, exiting and passing by a specific spot/ scene.

Vehicle Structured Data

The software collates structured data including plate number, vehicle colour, model, brand, sub-brand and more.

Human Body Search

An analysis is performed by comparing data samples to that of which the software has on record. Using recorded footage a body picture can be identified.

Applying these features to retail and hospitality situations.

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Consumer behaviour

Peak hours and days are identified through the people counting feature to assist owners in roster allocations.

Loss Prevention

When habitual thieves enter the premises management is notified thus reducing the likelihood of another successful theft. Their face can be shared across chain stores.

Intrusion alarms

The technology deciphers between animals, shaking leaves and other influences that may breach the established perimeter line.

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Deep in Mind NVR advantage (technology advantage)

With many years of development in CCTV technology, DeepinView cameras offer high resolution and clear images to complement the face-recognition system. The DeepinMind NVR features an independently developed algorithm which combined with the face capture camera technology, provides high accuracy of recognition

Traditional intelligent image analysis requires very powerful and expensive servers. The advanced analytics implements capture and recognition functions (IP cameras and NVR) with faster, more accurate recognition, higher efficiency and lower cost.

As the business owner, you have the power.

At all times the premises owner/manager makes the decision of who is in the banned list and how the system is managed to provide the best outcome for what they wish to achieve.

Traditional CCTV assists the licensed premises owner and/or police to identify an offender after an offence has occurred. The recorded video can be searched via time and date until the event has been found.

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