Facial Recognition @ The Riverton Bar and Grill

Congratulations to our team at Tecsec Security Solutions and 21st Century Business on a landmark installation, showcasing the leading edge technology in POS, CCTV, Audio and Video.

The venue showcases a first in CCTV facial recognition and at a Hospitality venue in W.A. This technology will be keeping everyone safe and is a huge step forward in our industry.

We can’t go without mentioning the HUGE 98” TV - perfect for our States biggest and best sporting events and then there is another 11 TV’s using video matrix allowing the venue to change sources on any of the TV’s through an app on their phone - you can keep an eye on every game and every sport all at the same time.

Tecsec on Today Tonight

Tecsec were featured on Today Tonight to discuss how facial recognition was installed at The Riverton Bar & Girll, and how it impact patrons.

Screen Shot 2019-03-01 at 9.42.41 am.png

Tecsec in The West Australian

The Riverton Bar was the first hospitality restaurant to introduce the game-changing facial recognition technology. Tecsec were stoked to be featured in The West Australian.

Facial Recognition & Tecsec

Read more about the innovative technology on our Facial Recognition page.