Upgrade your Analogue system to HD CCTV for pennies not pounds!!

Are you sick and tired of reviewing CCTV Footage only to find washed out images which are grainy and show no clear footage of an incident? Well with the advancement of Technology we can now upgrade your existing Old Analogue system with New Megapixel HD Cameras at a fraction of the cost of a normal replacement. The Smartvision TVI System from TECSEC allows easy install of new HD Cameras on existing analogue cable meaning no need to re-cable your venue reducing labour and cable costs. We then simply plug and play into a Smartvision TVI HD recorder and connect to your network for Live Smartphone viewing. The Cameras are not only Full High Definition but also come with Infra-red for night vision and special light sensors to manage high and low light locations. Give us a call for an obligation free quote to upgrade your system to the latest in HD CCTV technology.

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