Integrated People Management System

What is People Flow?

People Flow (PPLFlow) is a people management software that allows businesses of all sizes to track who is in the workplace and meet safety responsibilities for visitors, contractors and employees.

The PPLHub Professional platform operates with electronic portals through Sony Xperia Z2 10” tablets with integrated NFC card readers. These can be used for paperless data entry, approval processes and to give access to workplace assets through RFID and smart device technology. The PPLHub is preconfigured, pre-tested and commissioned ready to connect to WiFi. Workflows within the platform can be customised based on individual roles, for the procedures and policies of any workplace to meet safe work and security requirements.

Why Is People Flow Important?


PPLFlow has all the features necessary to automate the data entry and auditing aspects for owners and supervisors to comply with safe work regulations. In the event of an emergency PPLFlow improves and expedites the evacuation process.


Replacing traditional paper based sign in/out books, PPLHub gives the workplace a modern and quick point of entry. This saves considerable time spent on of administration & overheads by capturing data as required electronically. The system also allows you to gain valuable insights into workforce behaviour through PPLFlow’s big data analytics.


Our workforce management software allows you to know who is in your workplace at all times. Receive email, text and voice alerts and login from any device for complete control. Link physical security to people in order to gain real time insight and control of who is in the workplace. Be alerted to marked people and events as they occur.


Live Tag boards

Tag boards provide real time visibility of who is in the workplace and incident response capabilities. Details of the individuals including their photos are viewable to workplace supervisors.

RFID Scanning

PPLTags are used to issue people and tag assets electronically and are available as cards, stickers, fobs or wristbands.

Rapid Communication

Perform person to person or broadcast communication with the people in your workplace to quickly alert people of safety issues on site instantly.

Keyless Entry

Link PPLFlow to electronic locking equipment to provide temporary access through smartphones. PPLFlow work seamlessly with Sentry H5 and other access control systems.

Automated Time Sheets

Configure your system to automatically collect time sheets for employees and contractors entering and exiting the workplace. Reports can also be generated for time billing and confirmation by relevant people.

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