DNA Tagging

What is DNA Guardian? 

The DNA Guardian is a DNA security system that uses a harmless unique U.V. light detectable stain that remains on the skin and clothing for weeks. This stain provides a forensic link to the crime scene and gives authorities the greatest chance of capturing the criminals.

DNA Tagging allows you to protect your business, assets and people with confidence. It is a completely harmless and no-toxic solution. DNA found on the criminal, is then sent to our NASA approved lab to confirm which owner had the code registered to them. With police carrying UV lights in their patrol cars, it's a real deterrent for the criminal.

Similar DNA Systems overseas have REDUCED THEFT BY 85% and achieved a 100% conviction rate in court.

How can DNA guardian benefit your business?

The key feature of DNA security marking is that it irrefutably identifies a criminal with the scene of the crime. Each device containing the DNA Liquid is registered either to its owner or a precise location, and the unique DNA code contained within the substance remains detectable for several weeks. In this way, DNA Guardian presents law enforcement agencies with a weight of forensic evidence to assist in securing a conviction. As with other security systems such as CCTV, if the correct signage is displayed around the site, the promise to DNA tag criminals can also be a deterrent to prevent the crime in the first place.


Install Your DNA Tagging System

Installing a DNA tagging system to protect your business is a great way to proactively deter criminals from theft and assure the best possible chance of convicting a suspect. Your system can be installed to suit the needs of your business and can operate independent of other security systems already in place. The installation process is non-invasive and can be customised so that the system can be activated through panic buttons and small remotes.


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