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At Tecsec Security Solutions, we provide CCTV security systems for all types of small and medium businesses, from a basic four camera system in a local store, through to large IP CCTV systems in multinational franchise groups.

The sales and service team at Tecsec Security Solutions have a combined 50+ years in the design, supply and installation of security cameras. We provide both analogue CCTV systems as well as being on the cutting edge of high resolution & wireless IP camera systems from manufacturers such as Samsung, AXXON, Bosch, HIKvision and Milestone. We don’t compromise quality or service.

We service both small and medium business in the Perth metro area as well as the regional Western Australia from the Kimberley to the Great Southern.

CCTV Camera Installation

When it comes to the installation and maintenance of you CCTV camera system, we are committed to meeting you tailored needs & schedule.

First, we provide recommendations based on your needs and how best to ensure CCTV coverage for workplace requirements (e.g. liquor licensing). From these recommendations, our proposal details the types of camera equipment to be used and the locations of CCTV installation as well as parts and labour costings. Our recommendations can include alarms and monitoring systems and any other security solution that may be applicable to your business. 

Our installation process is held to the highest standards with all our technicians holding their security license, open cabling registration and ASIAL Security Installers License. Once installed, our technicians provide remote access configuration, training and the handover of the system. This means you are left fully prepared to operate your security system, however for complete peace of mind we offer a first-year maintenance agreement. This agreement includes two on site health checks to make sure all cameras are cleaned, in focus and recording properly.

What is the difference between analogue and IP cameras?

In short – image quality.

The quality of an analogue camera is limited by old technology and in order to best secure your business you need the highest resolution of camera that you can afford.

The best analogue cameras on the market typically have a resolution of roughly 0.5 megapixels, whereas the IP security cameras we supply are a minimum of 1.3 megapixels. This roughly translates to 720p or DVD quality images. The most popular quality level today is 2 megapixels which equates to the image quality of a Blu-Ray disc or 1080P.

All of our IP camera systems can be viewed offsite wirelessly via the internet so you can keep an eye on the security of both your staff and your business from anywhere in the world via your smartphone, tablet or remote computer.

An image of the comparison between analogue, 1.3 and 2mp cameras

An image of the comparison between analogue, 1.3 and 2mp cameras

What can IP CCTV Systems be used for?

  • Automatic Number Plate Recognition

  • Cashier & Point of Sale monitoring

  • Carpark monitoring

  • Capturing shoplifters

  • Internal fraud and theft

  • Point of Sale integration

  • Productivity monitoring

  • Recorded images up to 25x clearer than traditional analogue systems

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