Five things to look for in a CCTV camera system

Installing a video surveillance system is a great, and often necessary, way to ensure the safety of your business and employees. In Perth alone, there are countless CCTV options, so it is often difficult to decide what you need.

Here are the top five things to look out for.

1. Durability for outdoor and indoor surveillance situations

When deciding on the right equipment for your CCTV system consider environmental factors that may influence the camera’s performance. For instance, you may need a waterproof camera during rainy weather or a UV filter for Perth’s sunny weather.  Elements like dust can also disrupt the image but can easily be prevented with dust-proof housing.

2. Suitable coverage capabilities

How much of your commercial building needs to be covered? You may find your budget causes you to prioritise the areas you set up cameras, but with technology like a 360 degree dome or pan-tilt-zoom camera, the installation of a single camera has the potential to cover all the necessary ground. This is an ideal solution for many businesses, especially small business, as you won’t have to spend on multiple cameras, just for key entry points.

3. Good resolution quality

 If a crime is committed, a clear recording makes it easier for law enforcement to identify perpetrators. Tecsec’s IP security cameras have a minimum of 5.0 megapixels or 1080P, which is up to 25 times resolution of analogue CCTV cameras. For smaller areas where the camera is recording from a shorter distance, a lower resolution may be enough. We can tailor our recommendations to your budget and resolution requirements.

4. A reliable recording management system

An effective video surveillance system must be supported with a reliable video management system. CCTV cameras can record to a memory card, a dedicated digital video recorder (DVR) or network video recorder (NRV) system. A DVR or NVR system is generally recommended as a reliable alternative, as they have more memory storage capacity.

You may also need consider how and when you will access the recordings. Do you want to be notified of unusual motion detected during closing hours or be able to remotely access the camera from your phone? If the camera is connected by Wi-Fi you may want to ensure the safety of your video surveillance system from hacking through an encrypted connection.

5. If it meets specific functional needs

CCTV camera systems are installed for a variety of reasons, from deterring crime to monitoring a salesroom floor. Boxed cameras are often used as a visible deterrent of crimes, while hidden security cameras appear less intrusive. When installing a CCTV system, you should choose a camera that is recommended for the circumstances you are using it in. Consider if you need motion detection, facial recognition or night vision.


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Analogue vs Digital CCTV Camera Systems: Which is the best for your business?

With countless CCTV camera systems on the market, it can be almost impossible to decide which solution is best for your commercial property. At Tecsec, we are proud to be one of Perth’s leading commercial CCTV providers, and able to help you keep your business safe and Secure

Our team are regularly approached by people with a wide range of questions about how to keep their business safe. One of the most common questions is whether an analogue or digital surveillance system provides better coverage while still being a budget-friendly solution.

CCTV and monitor screen-min.jpg

What is the difference between analogue and digital surveillance?

Analogue CCTV cameras record images to a digital recorder which converts the video to a digital format. To view the video, the DVR needs to be connected to a monitor or router to be broadcast through an internal network for remote access. However, there are government regulations for the strength of analogue signals.

Digital CCTV cameras or internet protocol cameras record in a digital format so a conversion process is not required. The digital data is sent to a dedicated network video recorder through the existing network and can be accessed remotely.

Benefits of Digital CCTV camera systems

Higher surveillance image quality

IP cameras offer a much higher resolution than analogue cameras. Even the best analogue cameras cannot deliver the image quality of digital cameras. At Tecsec, our IP security cameras have a minimum of 1.3 megapixels. This is almost three times the average resolution of the best analogue cameras, making it easier to see details such as license plates and identify physical features of intruders.


Reduces wiring in CCTV system

The hassle of wiring is minimised when it comes to using digital camera surveillance. IP cameras only need to be wired to a network switch or wireless network which will transfer the signals to the NVR. This way you can install more cameras without being limited by the number of ports available on your digital video recorder (DVR).

IP cameras powered through a Power Over Ethernet (PoE) capable network switch removes the need for a separate power source. Installation of digital CCTV systems can be much more straight forward for these reasons.


Reliable & secure CCTV transmission

Digital transmissions are not disrupted by other analogue wireless devices. The majority of digital CCTV systems have in-built encryption, ensuring unauthorised access to your video recordings is prevented. The data is also usually backed up on a redundant array of independent disks (RAID) system which provides back up hard drives in case one fails.


Greater CCTV coverage

Typically, digital cameras cover areas up to three times more than analogue cameras. They are also more likely to have a zoom function without becoming too grainy. This means the higher unit price of installing digital cameras may be balanced out by not needing as many cameras to cover your entire business.

Remote accessibility to surveillance system

The remote access IP cameras gives people peace of mind while on holiday or working abroad. Not only is it possible to view the footage, but you can control the camera’s position from a remote location.


Detailed CCTV footage analytics

Digital cameras provide more video analytics than analogue cameras, including the ability to flag unusual motion and send alerts to the owner. Its ability to read data also makes it possible to search for activity in a specific area on the image.

Analogue CCTV systems are widely considered an outdated form of security systems, with digital CCTV cameras becoming increasingly competitive on all fronts - including cost.


Contact a licensed CCTV professional in Perth to upgrade your security system from analogue to digital today.



Following the recent new restaurant build at McDonalds Mandurah Forum and Karawarra, Tecsec Security was selected to Design, Supply, Install and Commission the IP CCTV System and HME Drive Thru Headset and Timing System for the new McDonalds store in Jolimont, Western Australia.



With a customized design our consultants proposed 35x HIKVision 5 x Megapixel Cameras covering all interior and exterior locations including fridge, freezer and dry stock areas. All server hardware was commissioned in the IT server rack allowing the new restaurant to utilize the Fibre Uplink to get live viewing from any remote mobile device.

Tecsec were able to liaise with the building construction company, Tydan Construction, to successfully install the HME Head Set Drive Thru ordering system along with the HME Timing system. This system tracks all vehicles in the dual lane drive through and reports speed of service back to the Sydney Head Office.



The new premises had one major challenge, the presence of an external drain located where the planned timing loop would be. The Tecsec team redesigned the layout within minutes of the concrete team pouring the drive thru slab, much to the appreciation of the building supervisor.



Being on time and on budget is crucial for the McDonald’s construction team and the team at Tecsec.  We have a proven track record providing quality systems and services to strict timelines.

With New Restaurants planned for 2018 we look forward to continuing our relationship with McDonalds providing the latest in innovation and technologies allowing them to better their customer experiences.





Are you thinking about installing a CCTV system at your business? Make sure you get licensed professionals to do it!

The provision of security services without a valid license is strictly prohibited under federal and WA Law, an unlicensed installer may end up costing you more.


What is a security installer license?

A security installer license is issued by the WA Police Licensing Services and allows the holder to install, maintain and repair security equipment controlled by the WA Surveillance Act.

There are four classes of security installer licenses. CCTV security installation belongs to ‘Class 2,’ as does security alarms. Persons who install, maintain or repair security equipment in a vehicle, vessel, aircraft or other means of transportation are excluded from this class.

Licenses are issued for one or three years and renewed every three years, so make sure your installer has a current license.


How do I tell who has a license? Why are licenses necessary?

Any business or individual providing security services must hold a valid security license. Since 1 January 2017 all new Class 2 security installer license applicants must complete a mandatory approved course in Technical Security prior to the submission of their license application.

Obtaining a valid license in security installation is a legal requirement in WA under the Security and Related Activities (Control) Act. Employing and/ or advertising the services of an unlicensed security installer is a serious offence. Failure to comply to the regulations may result in a penalty of a fine up to $10,000 in the case of an individual or $20,000 in the case of a corporate business.

Current licensed individuals are listed on the WA Police website. 


Why should I use a licensed installer?

1. They have completed the required training

Licensed installers must meet minimum requirements to obtain their license. Evidence of attaining the mandatory Technical Security qualification is submitted along with the security installer application.

The Technical Security training company must be approved by the WA Police Licensing Services. The course trains and assesses applicants on their technical ability and knowledge of installing and maintaining CCTV systems. The compulsory technical training means you can be reassured of the physical and technical ability of licensed installers.


2. They are registered with the WA Police

Licensed installers are registered with the WA Police, so they are more reliable and trustworthy than unlicensed installers. Unregistered CCTV security installers may also put you at risk of burglaries due to poor installation or improper persons.


3. You won’t risk your insurance

There’s no need to sweat if you encounter any problems during or after the installation when you hire a licensed CCTV installer. Licensed CCTV installers are covered by insurance. In the case of a burglary, illegally installed security may invalidate your home and contents insurance.


4. Licensed installers must adhere to a Code of Conduct

Other legal requirements are in place so that licensed installers have a strong obligation to deliver quality service. All license holders have agreed to abide by the Security Industry Code of Conduct, which if breached may result in disciplinary action. WA Police identify two scenarios where a licensed installer is required, find out if this applicable to you here. 

This Code of Conduct outlines minimum professional and ethical standards to ensure operators comply with Federal and WA legislation. These Minimum Standards aim to improve the safety of community and employees in addition to promoting consumer and community confidence.

Legal obligations aside, there are plenty of reasons why you should hire a licensed security installer. Avoid the risks associated with unprofessional and illegitimate security services by contacting Perth’s licensed security specialists for over 30 years.


We aren’t afraid to get out hands dirty to get the best possible result. We test and trial our solutions in-house so we know we can deliver and there are no surprises to the customer.

The latest winner of the weekly Core Values Motivation is Tage Elers, Head Technician for Tecsec Security Solutions. Tage constantly displays a number of the business core values however over the last week his approach to “Hands on Approach” is why he is this week’s winner.

Tage and his team have been working hard on the Whitfords Brewing and Double Tree projects. Tage leads the way with his pledge to building lasting relationships with our clients that are based on industry knowledge and commitment to getting the job done. Tage is there for site visits at the time of quoting new jobs, he is there for meetings with other trades people to ensure that a job is mapped out correctly and he has proven that he is there at the front line of installations making sure that the job is done right.

He is an asset to the company when it comes to understanding the clients business and providing a resolution that suits precisely what they need.

 Tage was too busy onsite to be in the office to collect his prize today.

Tage was too busy onsite to be in the office to collect his prize today.

 Never afraid to get his hands dirty!

Never afraid to get his hands dirty!

Tecsec Security Solution leads expansion into Sydney and Melbourne


Tecsec Security Solutions expands into Eastern Seaboard with new operations and offices in Sydney and Melbourne


  • Tecsec Security recognizes solid potential to provide customized security and table locater products and is aligned to continue driving expansion in new and existing markets in the Eastern States
  •  Agreements established with existing business partners secures expansion into the Melbourne and Sydney commercial sectors, allowing a new ability to expand its proven business and security products in line with its expansion strategy.
  •  New Technologies in Table Locaters has allowed Tecsec to become the leading installer and supporter of Table Locate in WA with successful installations to Major Hospitality Clients including McDonalds WA.
  •  Building on solid client relationships, Tecsec procured development of VALID8 - a Travel Path tracking tool, allowing F&B Venues to meet WHS Obligations and provide presence reporting for Health and Safety Incidents.
  •  Always innovating Tecsec acquires FastScan counterfeit money detectors developed in The Netherlands for distribution throughout the Australia marketplace.

Perth, Australia — Leading security and hospitality business equipment service provider Leagold Pty Ltd T/a Tecsec Security Solutions is pleased to announce that it has entered into agreements to open its offices in Sydney and Melbourne. This agreement highlights Tecsec Security’s stable growth in the hospitality and commercial sectors with continued success in developing, supplying and supporting innovative products in WA.

ImPOS Solutions Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Sean O’Meara, said:

“We are very pleased to partner with Tecsec Security and secure their expansion through our existing supply and support operations throughout Queensland, Sydney and Melbourne.

We have been engaged in a mutually beneficial business relationship for over 8 years and this agreement reinforces our strategic planning we put in place in February 2015 for the expansion of Tecsec.

We will leverage ImPOS’s existing capacity to deliver optimal supply, service and support to our new security offering”.


Tecsec has proven its capabilities over several years in the hospitality and commercial sector and has a reputation for great service, reliable hardware and functional software at a reasonable price.

Along with Tecsec’s existing services they will bring to market new innovative products including VALID8Travel Path Manager, FastScan Counterfeit Money Detectors and SmartVision Hybrid High Resolution IP CCTV Systems.


Daniel Ecseri, Director of Tecsec Security Solutions, said:

 “We sought to expand into the Eastern Seaboard with our existing technology partners. The successful Rollout of Table Locate to 44 McDonalds Restaurant in 2015 in WA means we were able to deliver the services and product the industry is seeking and grow our technology offering. Presenting this solution among our other products and services is an exciting time for the company”.

We will soon be rolling out Table Locate to multiple venues including Varsity Bars and expect the solution to add significant value to our hospitality clients looking to better the customer experience.

Tecsec appreciates the confidence with which Sean has welcomed our businesses and we look forward to presenting our proven solutions to the Eastern Seaboard”


New products innovation to reduce risk to hospitality businesses and Better the Customer Experience


  • VALID8 Travel Path Management System provides seamless Bluetooth tracking of Staff through the venue, identifying Work health and safety issues, Intoxication sweeps and staff versus customer presence in health and safety risk incidents.
  • Fast Scan Counterfeit Money Detectors provides fast money scanning of all Australian Notes. Preconfigured for the Australian Market the Scanner developed in the Netherlands scans the banks notes within half a second and advises the staff of counterfeit notes.
  • HYBRID TVI CCTV Solutions allows full High Definition cameras to be installed onto existing analogue cable providing high resolution image and recording for a fraction of the cost of a new IP CCTV Installation.
  • TableLocate - the world’s first iBeacon based Table Location System, this system is more accurate, more reliable and comes at a TCO of 50% of the existing legacy RFID solutions

Upgrade your Analogue system to HD CCTV for pennies not pounds!!

Are you sick and tired of reviewing CCTV Footage only to find washed out images which are grainy and show no clear footage of an incident? Well with the advancement of Technology we can now upgrade your existing Old Analogue system with New Megapixel HD Cameras at a fraction of the cost of a normal replacement. The Smartvision TVI System from TECSEC allows easy install of new HD Cameras on existing analogue cable meaning no need to re-cable your venue reducing labour and cable costs. We then simply plug and play into a Smartvision TVI HD recorder and connect to your network for Live Smartphone viewing. The Cameras are not only Full High Definition but also come with Infra-red for night vision and special light sensors to manage high and low light locations. Give us a call for an obligation free quote to upgrade your system to the latest in HD CCTV technology.

Call 1300 084 049 to book a free quote!

June 2016 News Update

With a busy start to the year the Tecsec team have successfully installed the latest in High Resolution CCTV at The Reveley at Elizabeth Quay, Globe Hotel in Wellington Street and Sage Hotel in West Perth.

You will be surprised how inexpensive it is to upgrade your existing system with the New TVI HD camera – while reusing your existing cable infrastructure

The technology is advancing so quickly that new 4 Megapixel cameras are providing clarity never imagined before. So if you are getting tired of blurry washed out Footage of your venue give us a call today on 1300 881 261