Sentry H5 Integrated Electronic Security System

Sentry H5 from H5 Controls is an all in one electronic security system which is completely controlled via the cloud and a web based administration system utilising the latest HTML5 technology.

It is a SAAS (Software-as-a-service) solution which eliminates the need for costly servers, software, system administration and IT issues. It can be administered on any web enabled device be it a tablet, smartphone, pc or mac.

All-In-One Electronic Security

Sentry H5 only requires an internet connection to be operated. This means that no server, software or onsite IT support is required, making it easier for you to manage your security system. All of your backups, archives, storage and upgrades are all managed automatically as well. This means that there is little to none system maintenance to be done.

Your security alerts and alarm notifications can be configured to send to via email, text or voice call, and advanced reporting is also available. Data is securely stored on Australian Amazon Secure Data Centres.

Sentry H5 is integrated with HID commercial grade security hardware and Edge CCTV technology with no DVR or NVR required. The system supports the HID Evo network access range and Axis CCTV cameras.


  • Low comparative installation costs

  • Reduced ongoing costs

  • Low power consumption

  • Data is safer, more secure and more reliably backed up

The H5 Secure system runs through a high security data centre that is monitored 24/7, and always uses the latest updated software. These data centres have complete control of who has access to the information, threat monitoring and resilience contingency for any physical risks. The information transferred is also securely encrypted, which keeps your data as safe as you can get it. 

Investing in a security system is a long-term decision that should be future proofed your business’ expansion, that’s why Sentry H5 is easily scalable for one or many sites. The advantage of using an all in one security system is the holistic benefit from having all your security services run through one system. Investing in the Sentry H5 system means you are partnering with a 100% Australian owned and operated company/security product/service.

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