Access control systems allow you to restrict and permit access to spaces or systems in order to protect your staff and assets. Individuals are able to gain access by providing credentials and authentication to prove their identity. Authentication can take the form of something that is known by the individual (PIN number, password), something that is physical to the user (finger print, eye scan) or something that belongs to the user (key card, fob).

Access control can be used to meet OHS requirements for offices, warehouses, factories, manufacturing, and other commercial building’s facility management needs. Our systems can be used for both internal access between offices and external entry/exit points.

Types Of Access Control

  • Using cloud based technology for programming and monitoring, coupled with local door controllers and cameras to provide real time monitoring and reporting.

  • Door entry/exit with Integrated CCTV camera systems which allows live viewing when an event occurs such as a door access.

  • Server-less technology which allows the facility management to be run in the cloud, stored offsite in a secure and reliable data centre, thus minimizing IT overhead to have costly infrastructure located on site.

  • Guest entry Kiosks which allow guests to electronically register themselves with their phone or a tag which will allow them access to certain parts of the building, as well as for safety should a fire or event occur, all people can be accounted for on an electronic tag board.

  • Messaging to phones registered to guests and access control users to notify of events and alarms.

  • Rapid deployment using a scalable plug and play architecture.

  • Magnetic locks and door strike entry systems.

  • Emergency push to exit and glass break installation.

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